Expert organization in plant nutrition
Expert organization in plant nutrition
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Plant food deficiency experiments

Increased population density, decreasing agricultural areas has led scientists and industrialists working to obtain more product per unit area. Also available in a variety of experiments on plant nutrients in the trial had been done by the University and are constantly offering them the knowledge of farmers and fertilizer manufacturers.

Scientists soil pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, copper, boron, zinc, iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, molybdenum, selenium, such elements have investigated the effects on yield and are continuing in araştırılmaya.

In the research done at various times of the plant have been found to require various nutrients. These determinations were made on the yield found to be highly effective.

Every day, not only the macro plant nutrients, has been shown to also cause yield loss in a large proportion of micro-nutrient deficiency. Within these studies of other plant nutrients to bind to an excess plant nutrients taken up by plants and it has been found that against the existence of the elements.

Soil pH was observed that the water can not be made ​​by plants and connect that many elements. However, when these studies be made ​​of soil pH level to 6.4 as a result of bound nutrients become free again and it was observed that the plants used in the TAR. This allows more efficient use of fertilizer base has prevented the use of fertilizer and over again in the same year.

According to the studies of the acidity or alkaline soil that has been brought into equilibrium again with the desired acid derivatives can be used by plants. (see figure 5)

These research universities are followed by technical personnel of our company.

Survey results are subject to an assessment by the technical teams, our agricultural engineers, chemists these values ​​are shared with farmers. Their vision after 8 basic factors required for different plant development for each country,

1- Day time
2- Light
3- Temperature
4- Cold
5- Heat
6- Water
7- Phi8- Plant nutrient deficiencies

Such values ​​for the production of laboratory experiments considering is initiated. (example: not rain much of the Black Sea coast, some day receive less rain in the south of the country in general excess of the burning effect of sunlight). Manufactured products are tested in laboratory conditions in the laboratory before the first, then being tested in the garden of our various farmers. Results of laboratory experiments carried out again if necessary, are reviewed and the most suitable products offered to farmers.