Expert organization in plant nutrition
Expert organization in plant nutrition
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Other factors that cause symptoms similar to nutritional disorders in plants

Nutritional deficiencies and excesses outside, some other factors which cause deterioration in metabolism also may cause symptoms similar to eating disorders. For example, redness seen in various tree leaves in autumn, although similar to phosphorus deficiency is a condition resulting from the slowdown of metabolism products of flow in the plant body.

Similarly, the accumulation of glucose metabolic disorders seen in the leaves of corn from time to time anyway cause red spots that resemble the symptoms of phosphorus deficiency.

Eating disorder symptoms similar to creating, eating disorders are factors that complicate the process of visual recognition is very diverse. The most important of these factors are as follows.


Don conditions or low temperatures, drought, wind weather events, such as process, and the edges of the leaves, causing the redness to fade and dry, nitrogen, can cause symptoms similar to phosphorus and potash deficiency.

In addition, low levels of air temperature is below normal, due to lack of light more cloudiness, because it slows the uptake of plant nutrients adverse climatic factors such as drought, nutrient deficiency symptoms are caused to be seen as temporary. Especially under adverse climatic conditions of micronutrient deficiencies revealed elements.

This is one of the factors leading nutritional disorders, disappeared with the normalization of the climatic conditions that create negativity disappears.


The soil for a long time cause yellowing and reddening of the leaves remain wet, leaf creates images similar to nitrogen and phosphorus deficiency. Create a potassium deficiency causing symptoms resembling the edges of the leaves to dry.

Search for images similar vein yellowing seen in the lack of iron and manganese in soil again for a long time as a result of excessive moisture or inundation may occur.

Lack of processes various nutrients will reduce plant uptake of nutrients in the soil leads to dehydration seen. Such images also disappear with the increase of food intake in the days following irrigation.

Plant pests and disease agents

Many disease-like symptoms in the form factor of plant nutrient deficiency symptoms are symptoms of nutritional deficiencies, most real time. However, nutrient deficiency is emerging as secondary. In particular, root diseases and plant pests that damage the roots, causing the symptoms seen in eating disorders because it inhibits the uptake of nutrients from the roots.

Likewise, all kinds of body and EMG from the leaves of the weeds which are created for signs of malnutrition had left nourishment.

Similar to the symptoms of eating disorders in a variety of viruses and fungal diseases of plants can be seen.

And the symptoms and diseases caused by plant pests, nitrogen, phosphate, potash, magnesium, manganese, boron, may be similar to many nutrients such as calcium deficiencies.


Plants sprayed with various drugs, hormones, plant growth regulators dose of the agent, such as good, if not set, the plants can cause symptoms similar to malnutrition. This is seen quite large differences between the sexes plant maintenance. The same dose of drug, hormone, or spraying of fertilizers do not cause any harm to the plant, can seriously damage the other one. Erik, stone fruits like peaches is very sensitive to spray trees. Consisting of spray losses, especially in burns necrosis leaf blade edges of the leaves, and sometimes occur in the defoliation.