Expert organization in plant nutrition
Expert organization in plant nutrition
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The importance of genetic factors in eating disorders in plants

Plant nutrients absorption, and there are huge differences between the varieties and types of plants to use them in metabolism.

These differences are a result of the genetic properties of the plant. Nutrients taken and metabolized, genetic differences observed among plant species and varieties in the us, somewhere, grown develops in one healthy way of two plant species and varieties, explains that show cause malnutrition of another.

Differences in terms of food substances is effectively used especially remarkable nutrient iron.

On the same ground, one of the two different varieties of plants of the same species grown under the same conditions showed severe symptoms of iron deficiency, the other can develop completely normal.

In this case, under the stress of some kind of iron H + ions by removing the root zone pH drop and then rise again, mainly due to the reduction of the capacity of the roots under the stress of this kind of iron.

Both events, ie root zone pH of the water fall and rise of the roots of reducing capacity, improving affordability of iron in the root zone to a large extent.

Plants which are capable of lowering the pH of the root zone when exposed to iron stress "active iron" is called the plants. Iron chlorosis is very sensitive to some important plants (such as soy, corn, tomatoes) active iron iron deficiency problem in this plant varieties were obtained by genetic studies have largely resolved.

Especially micro-nutrient deficiencies, often many of the real deficiencies of these elements in the soil, stems from some soil characteristics.

The best example we give the lime chlorosis origin of the name, soil micro-nutrient deficiencies are due to the high lime content. In such cases, the cultivation of resistant varieties is one of the best solutions chlorosis.

Otherwise, it is not easy to change the soil properties will be faced with the problem of continuous chlorosis. The removal of various chemicals with chlorosis is not a cheap method.