Expert organization in plant nutrition
Expert organization in plant nutrition
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Did mobilization tree, Wilt Is there a general stagnation

Ground your operating properly, you have done your base fertilization, but the trees are not now a kind of movement, a general stagnation in your plants, if you wilt,

There is a problem with your land.

Your soil is chalky, due to the continuous base fertilization, filling actives quashed the structure of your soil.

Soil applied fertilizers that are connected, not use your plants.

PH is increased because of the lime, iron is bound to phosphorus and phosphate. (See: phosphates)

Lateral root of the surroundings, is yellow and lime layer. A wall between the roots and has e.g. fertilizers. Benefit from the fertilizer plant is not enough.

Just let three applications respectively

1 2 3 FIRST ONE DAY IN IRRIGATION WATER SONRAİKİNC the sulamada Turning to (1.000 m2) 1 LT soil with drip irrigation or release.

(The data in the last 20 minutes do your normal watering, give clean water for ten minutes.) BİTKİ BESLEME turning applications from 200 g of leaves.

15 days after the second application yapın. acres

Until 2 years of age in nursery 3.5 KG,

adult trees in 7 KG

keel with drip irrigation or watering.

( data structure in the last 20 minutes of your regular watering, give clean water for ten minutes.) Lowers the pH of the soil,

No lime layer around the capillary roots meet the nutritional needs of quinine ederbit accelerates the plant's sap.

Encouraged to seek food through plant roots do eder.toprag correct.

Meet the need for organic fertilizer plant.

When this is done three practices, ninety percent of plant nutrient deficiencies do not appear.


Soil lime, calcium converts the single product.

It is an excellent soil pH reducer can be applied.

Spraying water and lime in the soil can be taken by the plant converts calcium.

Lime juice pH 's lowers the addresses of lime.

Connect the lime which was found in the soil of iron, zinc and phosphate allow the taking by the plant.

Lime is used to prevent the degradation of pesticides with water and distortion.

Turn the nozzle blockage in drip irrigation pipe.

BİTKİ BESLEME of Plant Nutrition

Conscious farmer's passion

plant nutrition is always ahead of the mıxBİTKİ BESLEME is a complete plant food.

Multi-Purpose Plant Food

The plant provides smooth and balanced nutrition.

alluring fruit, bright, colorful, large, durable, hard, heavy, enables them to be tasty and fragrant.

Increases the flowering and reproductive behavior.

Accelerates the plant's sap.

Organizes reaction in the plant.

The plant's mineral and organic material meets the requirements.

Improves root formation.

Provides resistance to bad weather conditions.

Any mixed with pesticides.

Nutrient quality and plentiful enough for Products

ORGANIC drip irrigation, flood irrigation fertilizer

It does not disrupt the natural structure of the soil because the plant extract.

Soil is rich in organic matter.

Micro-organisms are mobilized.

Contents of trace elements are chelated with organic matter.

increased biological activity.

Soil is the boss, improves root development.

Yield and quality upgrades.

Does not leave residue in the soil.