Expert organization in plant nutrition
Expert organization in plant nutrition
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Symptoms of copper deficiency in plants

Copper needs of the plants is quite low.

In many copper plant dry matter content of 2 - is between 20 ppm. Copper deficiency in plants is not more common practice Ar case.

The organic matter content is very high copper deficiency in soils or soil pits can be seen.

This is because copper is a very strong bonding of the organic materials.

Cause of frequent görülmeyiş of copper deficiency, copper present in the soil enough to meet the needs of the lower plants, a significant amount of copper inclusion of several pesticides to plants, an amount of impurities fertilizer used contains copper and copper inclusion and animal manure. In

Hydroponics, unless given a sufficient amount of copper to be seen in the growing medium and plants will be normal development of copper deficiency.

As a general average is enough copper in leaves 5 ​​ppm.

Copper mobility in the plant body is not good. Therefore, deficiency symptoms are seen in leaves from a new challenge.

Grayish green color, color changes and fading as it gets even whitening.

Developments weakened. Become dry in the ends of the branches of fruit trees. In some cases, prior to the occurrence of extreme dryness, normally occurs in large sheets.

Symptoms in cereal tillering period starts from the leaf tips. Leaf tips are whitish, narrow leaves and smaller.

Deficiency does not occur if severe and continuous spike.

Another aspect of copper deficiency, the generative growth of plants, flowers and fruit that is affected more by vegetative development.

In grown potted ornamental plants on peat and especially copper deficiency in flowering plants, besides development regression, deformation in the leaves of plants and flowers, discoloration may result in significant harm by creating negativity as avoid flowers shortage or no.

If it is deemed Copper deficiency, chelated mAlArIylA given positive results taken from the leaves of the copper compound.

Much use of fungicides containing copper, particularly copper can cause toxicity in vineyards and citrus trees.

Copper toxicity, as in the lack of development is decreased and combustion plants are observed on the leaves.