Expert organization in plant nutrition
Expert organization in plant nutrition
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In 1984, three young and progressive chemists and three industrial friends came together and started to produce top fertilizer, ie leaf fertilizers.

We have given seminars to thousands of technical staff and farmers in order to establish the new top feed in our country.

We explained the benefits, usage, product increase and quality products without getting tired.

We have shown the increase in quality products to our farmers and technical staff by conducting experiments in the field shown by thousands of farmers.

We contributed to the training of many young friends.

We represented our country by participating in domestic and international fairs.

We have exported to various countries.

As much as we were supported, there were those who opposed it. Our friends participated in the discussions through various television and press and refuted the arguments of those who opposed them.

We pioneered the establishment of new companies.

Today, there are more than one thousand plant nutrition products in our country.

Many of them are very successful.

Produces high quality plant nutrition products.

We have been instrumental in our farmer producing quality products and growing export products.

After retirement, we launched our website to share all this information.