Expert organization in plant nutrition
Expert organization in plant nutrition
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There may be differences between the plant species in terms of magnesium deficiency symptoms.

However, some common characters facilitate the recognition of magnesium deficiency in plants.

Since magnesium ions are mobile in the plant, they are easily transported from the old leaves to the newly formed young leaves. Therefore, the symptoms of magnesium deficiency in plants first seen in the old leaves.

The typical symptom of magnesium deficiency is yellowing between the veins in the aged leaves. The leaf has a mottled appearance.

In extreme cases, chlorotic tissues die and form brown necrosis.

Especially in sandy soils, magnesium deficiency is common in lice towards maturity periods of plant development. The late magnesium deficiency may not lead to a major reduction in the amount of product. However, especially in plants grown for its leaves, market capability decreases.

The effect of soil compaction, submergence and drought exacerbates magnesium deficiency. In some cases, although there is sufficient magnesium in the soil, magnesium deficiency can be seen in plants.