Expert organization in plant nutrition
Expert organization in plant nutrition
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It is a nutritional complex with a super-enriched formula that provides a great increase in the amount of product on the one hand, while improving the product quality on all kinds of plants.

As it is produced with a new technology, it provides a great advantage compared to the other foliar fertilizers.

In the regions where intensive vegetable and fruit farming is carried out, it has entered the service of our farmers by filling this big gap in our intensive agriculture. The efficiency + quality increase it has created during this period has gained the appreciation of all manufacturers and has become the most used super plant complex in our country.

foliar fertilizer is used in the early stages of the jetative development of all plants. In general, at various developmental stages of plants (20-25 days after emergence, before flowering, after fruit set), 250-300 g is mixed with sufficient amount of water and sprayed to the leaves of plants in a decare area.

It can be mixed with all pesticides except for very strong alkali drugs.