Expert organization in plant nutrition
Expert organization in plant nutrition
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The COLOR and AROMA class of the product contains a high percentage of potassium, which determines the WEIGHT and QUALITY of GRAIN and HARD.

It prevents drying on the edge of leaves especially seen in fruit and vegetable leaves and provides product increase.

Potash leaf fertilizer eliminates the negative effects of water stress, drought and frost due to potassium deficiency.

Since xylem and phloem maximizes tissue formation in plants, no product losses due to body weakness are experienced.

Potash foliar fertilizer has a very positive effect on quality properties especially in vegetables, fruits, tobacco, legume, cotton, citrus and fiber plants.

Potas foliar fertilizer is enough for heavier fruit, better quality vegetables, fuller grain and larger tuber.

Natural amino acids and enzymes are the most important elements that certify the quality.

Potash leaf fertilizer can be mixed with all kinds of pesticides