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Expert organization in plant nutrition
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Lettuce Growing


Although the lettuce can be grown in many soil types, the best quality product is obtained from deep loam soils with high organic matter, high moisture holding capacity and good drainage.


Farm manure is a valuable substance used to improve the physical structure of the soil.

It should be paid attention that this fertilizer does not contain salt, it is burnt.

2-5 tons per decare can be used.

Soil PH can be between 6.5-7.5.

Low PH’h soils should be calcified.

Because this type of soil quality products can not be taken and magnesium deficiency is seen.

A typical symptom of magnesium deficiency is yellow spots on old leaves.

In nitrogen deficiency, growth slows down and discoloration.

Excessive nitrogen fertilization causes burns on the leaves and the product fades quickly after harvest.

Phosphorus deficiency is common in iron and calcium rich soils. After all, starts loose and remain small.


Seed sowing time can be adjusted according to the desired time to be cultivated.

Late autumn and winter cultivation for planting in the field about 45 days before the desired time; In summer planting seeds should be sown on cold pillows 20 days ago.

The best germination temperature of the seeds is 15-18 ° C.

Homogeneous output cannot be achieved at low temperatures; Apart from neutral varieties, no germination can be achieved at high temperatures of 25-30 ° C.

Planting, seedlings are 4-leaf, depending on the size of the variety between 30-40 cm row, 20-30 cm row spacing is done.

After planting water must be given to life.


Lettuce wants to find the same amount of soil moisture during the growing period.

If it is not the rainy season after planting in the field, irrigation should be done within 12 days at the latest.

Irrigation intervals should not be longer than 8 days from the beginning of the mooring to the end of the harvest.

In very hot weather watering must be done in the early hours of the morning.

Otherwise, the possibility of developing physiological diseases increases.


Lettuce is usually harvested by hand.

Determining the crop to be harvested is purely experience.

If cultivation is carried out under conditions that are completely in accordance with the climate requirements and at the right time of sowing, it can be expected to exhibit the typical characteristics of the variety.

These are: width, height, whether the belly, etc. are features such as.

Harvested product in hot weather fades quickly, quality is low.

For this reason, it is appropriate to harvest in the early hours of the day.