Expert organization in plant nutrition
Expert organization in plant nutrition
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Armenian Cucumber Breeding

It varies depending on the soil structure, goes deep in arid land and remains exposed in favorable soils.

The trunk can extend up to 1-2 m.

Initially, the herbaceous, circular cross-section and later becomes cellulosic structure.

Melon leaves can be round, heart-shaped or pentagonal.

Saffron has long and corrugated, hairy, leaf stalks. Similar to melon flower and cucurbit flower.

Fruits are 45-90 cm long and 2.5-7.5 cm long in different diameter lengths and colors.

It can be curved, round or sickle.

Colors vary from gray-white to dark green.

In Acur cultivation, fruits are harvested and evaluated without hardening.

Acur cultivation Soil Request

Permeable, water retention, organic and rich in nutrients rich loam grows well.

While root diseases increase in heavy soils, there is irrigation problem in sandy soils.


Acur is produced directly by seed.

Soil preparation and planting are like melon watermelon.

Row values ​​between and above: 120-150x50-100.

The seeds are soaked and a few are planted together.

Hoeing cultivation

In each stove, the clotted cream is crushed and a few best growing plants are left.

When they come in 10-15 paints are filled throats.

Until the rows are filled with branches, the machine is processed and weed cleaning is done.


Important Note: For every application of your garden, if your irrigation or spray water pH is 8 - 8.5, use Wet spreader adhesive.

(Soil and water pH in many regions of our country is up to 8- 8.5 or even up to 9.) All drugs produced are produced according to the pH range of 6-7. Even the finest medicines lose their effectiveness by up to 30% in 6 to 15 minutes. Buddha will reduce the effect of your medicine.


Harvest fruits without hardening, a certain color and size is reached when it comes.

If the harvest is delayed, the seed house becomes empty, the hairs decrease, the seed color changes and hardens.

Harvest is done by cutting the fruit stalk either early morning or evening at sunset.

Usually consumed without storage, but can be kept in the refrigerator for 1 week.


1.5-2 tonnes of product is taken from acurda decare. The amount of product depends on the growing conditions, soil, climate, plant density and variety.


Seed is obtained from seed to seed method.

Fruits that have reached the time of seed harvest become quite large.

The harvested fruits are cut to length and seeds are taken and washed.

10-15 kg of seed is obtained per decare.